Self published photography books:

Devil's Hall
Hidden in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in far West Texas, a trail waits to be discovered . . . the scenic Devil’s Hall Trail. The journey passes through rugged canyons filled with Maple, Oak and Juniper trees that surround dry streambeds lined with Yucca, Prickly Pear and Ocotillo cacti. This is a book of photographs by Vallarie Enriquez captured in the Fall when the trees were ablaze with vivid color. Although the images are rendered sepia toned, the true natural color of some of the leaves are preserved to further draw attention to their glorious beauty. Each photograph is accompanied by impressions expressed by Arturo M. Enriquez.

Travels to the Edge of Black
This is a retrospective for me as I journey back through the world of my infrared black and white photography. I was always drawn to the luminescent, ethereal quality of this film and how it rendered landscapes with an otherworldly sense of space. Skies grew dark and foreboding while foliage glowed with a brightness and softness that made it seem so unreal. I love the contrast and graininess. Shadows and highlights have such a rich intensity. Such a wonderful play on light! Occasionally, I would hand-color the images and have included a few of these. Though I no longer shoot with infrared film, I still do miss those times when I would lose myself in endless hours printing in the darkroom discovering what the film and I had captured.